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Cherrell has several years of Digital Media Management experience. Her love for all things social media opened opportunities for her in the corporate world as a Social Media Coordinator for a major fortune 500 company. She has since moved on and branched out as an entrepreneur in Digital Media with CANGMedia, LLC as a Digital Media Manager. 


Cherrell has skills in: 

Facebook Ads/ Instagram Ads/ Content Creation/ Content Curation/ Engagement/ Customer Service/ Digital Marketing/ Digital Writing/ Reporting & Analytics. From scheduling post to engaging with the digital culture, her job is to guide you on the path of success in the social media world. Cherrell is fueled by purpose, passion and her commitment to excellence.


 - Web Design

 - Graphics Design

 - QR Codes

 - Digital Media Strategist 

 - Digital Ads Manager 

 - Digital Analyst

 - Target Audience Researcher



Mission Statement:

CANGMedia, LLC will provide exceptional Digital Media Management to small businesses and organizations. We will create and curate content that brings about brand awareness and authority by offering personalized strategies, targeted research, and community building.

Valued Clients

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