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Small Business & Social Media- Google Ranking

May 19, 2018

How can I get to the first page on Google? 


This is a question that many small business owners have when it comes to social media. Sure they can post a few pictures and even engage with others on social media, but actually using social media as an effective marketing tool?, many have some difficulties. 


Well, that's why businesses like CANGMedia exist. I do all of the research (yes, there is a lot of researching involved), and rearranging, updating, curating and analyzing for you. I get the attention of clients and of course Google on your behalf. How do I do this you may ask? For starters, I have mastered the art of a little something called SEO Search Engine Optimization and the reverse when neccessary.   


For example, a client of mine needed to get rid of a negative online article. Of course, one way would be to contact the person who wrote the article or review and ask them to kindly remove it. However, that almost never works. Another option would be to contact Google, but again that rarely ever works. The best course of action was to utilize best SEO practices to surpress the negativity and push it to the pages of Google that no one ever visits. 


After some time when you Google my client, all of their positive, awesome services and content are what people get to see. This is a very simple but heavy solution that CANGMedia can manage for small businesses who really don't have the time or resources to maintain.


When managed properly social media can increase a small business' brand awareness, sales and project an overall positive online reputation. If social media is so important to Fortune 500 companies that they hire full time social media managers, certainly small business owners can benefit from hiring a part time/contracted social media manager for their growth as well. 




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