Pinning the Right Audience

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Pinning the Right Audience

June 1, 2018

Pinterest Lovers Unite! 


Seriously, Pinterest is where every generation can come together in a single happy place. No trolls, no negative comments, just sheer contentment. As a regular user this platform is amazing but as a business owner, non-profit organization or just blogger/vlogger things are about to get even better. 




Pinterest recently announced a few updates coming later this year that will specifically help businesses. Disclaimer: Don't worry folks, Pinterest will not have waves of Ads all over your boards! (sigh of relief)  Here are the 3 new changes.


  1. Audience Insights: You will be able to further research your community, enabling you to dive deeper into targeting the right demographic for your business. You can learn their interest and behaviors on the platform.


  2. Expanded Targeting: You will be able to get your "Ads" in front of people that may like your content but who aren't your typical audience. Pinterest will use their Taste Graph to place your Ads in front of "could be" audiences.


  3. Promoted Video- Full Screen Width: Video Ads will now be able to take up the full width of the screen.



These new roll outs are scheduled for the Fall and as a Social Media Manager I am so excited. I love targeting. Think about it, you get to invest your hard earned dollars at the people who will most likely do business with you or engage with your brand. GOLDEN! These new tactics will help us to do just that. 


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